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SwiftBiz Solutions brings you with efficient and effective solutions for Industrial purpose. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in manufacturing. Agriculture, Smart cities, Logistics and Energy.

Smart Cities

Smart cities with smart parking, waste management, street lighting or air quality control, easy-to-deploy and cost-effective solutions. Improving your tomorrow using todays technology.

Agricultural IoT

Connect and track virtually everything on a farm and allow detection, monitoring and control over very long distance of a wide variety of key agricultural data like soil temperature.

Smart logistics

SwiftBiz Solutions offers Tracking of goods, based on precise real-time information, Real-time localization of all goods and all supply-chain stakeholders to optimize processes.

Smart Energy

Smart Energy enables you to capitalize on low-cost, long-lasting battery powered sensors to capture valuable data to enable better management of your gas, electricity or water networks.

IoT technology options include proprietary platforms such Sigfox or standards based LP-WAN or Long Range Radio technology. LoRa supports low power, wide-area network requirements for efficient Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

To LoRa or Not!

LoRaWAN protocol was developed specifically for low power and enables unprecedented battery lifetime of up to 20 years depending on the application.. A single base station using LoRa Technology enables deep penetration capability for dense urban environments and indoor coverage, while also providing the ability to connect to sensors more than 15-30 miles away in rural areas. We work with LoRa alliance members to lay down end-to-end technology infrastructure and comprehensive monitoring of thousands of machines and sensors.

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LoRa Block Diagram