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Swift Surveillance Solution

Cloud Storage

Store your critical surveillance footage safely off-site in the cloud for up to 30 days. No more complex on-site hardware and you will have a single location to manage your recorded media.

Time Line

Access your cloud storage through our beautifully designed Timeline feature. All your media is organized by camera in an intuitive view that can be filtered by date and time.


Take advantage of our advanced cloud notification system that will work across all connected cameras. Camera Health Check and motion alerts are centrally managed and sent to your mobile device or email.


Do you need to grant account access to employees or family members? Easily add them as a user while restricting their account access and what cameras they can view, with limited account privileges.


Video surveillance becomes childishly easy with surveillance solution!, We will build your video surveillance system by combining blocks of functionality. Innovative and truly user-friendly interface created for users, not machines. Perfect for both homes and businesses. All usual features – and more than that.

  • TLS secure connection between server and client parts
  • Quick setup: group settings of modules
  • Quick navigation and control of cameras.
  • Multi-Server and Multi-Client connection architecture for video surveillance of any size
  • Flexible setup of access rights (user permissions)
  • Password protection of settings
  • Fullscreen view
  • Work with multiple monitors
  • Online view of all cameras
  • Full remote access to settings, archive and cameras
  • Internet broadcasting
  • Possibility to embed camera image to your site
  • Remote access even with dynamic IP address
  • View of archives in web browsers

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