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Focusing on developing core expertise in the cutting-edge technologies, we aim to provide simple and cost effective customizations and integration services to our customers. No matter which platform or technology, our choice is what best fills the requirements and makes highest return on investment in shortest time.

Healthcare and Network Monitoring Solutions

We offer range of services in healthcare and telecom sector. If you are looking for products in these areas, please check the link below.

Software Innovations

Your Partner for Next Generation SAP Solutions

We engage in SAP CEC projects of all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for 360° multichannel Commerce solutions based on Hyrbis platform, we can help in all phases of your implementation. From concept to deployment on premise or in the cloud, our consultants ensure highest quality solution delivery.


No commerce solution is an island. Integration in Hybris projects is becoming a major pain point as not many clients understand the challenges involved. Whether you are looking to integrate with legacy applications or next generation SAP Hybris  C4C/C4S and marketing solutions, our consultants build seamless integration for your landscape.

Travel Marketplace helps address practical challenges faced by pilgrims, tour operators in Hajj and Umra marketplace. The online travel portal caters to both potential pilgrims as well as tour operators who specialize in creating Hajj/Umra travel packages. Bringing together otherwise scattered information, tour groups, the website allows travelers to find affordable and appropriate packages, which include accommodation and shopping alongside travel arrangements.

We Provide QOE Solutions Through International Partners For Telecom Support

Challenges with Network Service Delivery Today

With the increase in usage, Internet-connected devices and expected quality from customers, the demands on service providers have never been greater. Customers want new services that fit their lifestyle and usage habits and they want them now. In addition to that, many customers have Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with their service providers that require compensation should the customer experience recurring outages. Consequently, customers today want exceptional, assured quality of service, and they want remuneration if their expectations are not met.



IT Infrastructure Management Through CA Technologies.

IT Operations Management (ITOM) concerns the allocation, deployment, monitoring and management of IT resources that support digital business processes, both internal and customer-facing. ITOM requires full-stack monitoring and analytics for applications, infrastructure and networks across cloud and on-premises, from mobile to mainframe to support the goals of speeding service delivery, increasing IT efficiency and delivering a superior user experience.

Managing the increased volume of events, alarms, logs and metrics challenges even the best teams. By correlating end-user, app and infrastructure monitoring you’ll gain the insights needed to increase business and operational performance. CA solutions can help your teams find, predicting and preventing problems that impact business and customers.

We provide

We Provide Biometric Verification Solutions for Banks Account Opening