Services - Swift Biz Solutions

Oil and Gas

  • Supply of equipment:
    • Drilling Chemicals, Cement and Mud services, Coatings, Corrosion Inhibitor.
    • Well Head & X - Mass TreeCasing, Tubing, Line Pipes and  Casing Accessories.
    • High, Low Pressure Fittings, Meter Run, Orifice Fittings.
    • Flow Recorders, Valves, Gaskets, Safety System, Separators (KOD), Pumps.

Energy Consulting

  • Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Production :

    • Identifying productivity improvement potential and recommendations (water energy, raw material).
    • Implementation of Energy Management Systems, Conducting Energy Audits.
    • Environmental management and emissions control.
    • Smart metering Systems, Smart Home Solutions.
  • Renewable Energy :

    • Identifying potential and conducting feasibility studies.
    • Design and supply of solar PV systems.

IT and Telecom

  • IT Infrastructure Monitoring & Network Management Solutions.

  • Performance and Fault monitoring for the complete infrastructure including network, routers and servers etc.

  • Cloud and Data Center Automation.

  • Service Desk / Help Desk, Activity Reporting Module.

  • Asset Management.

Banking & Security

  • Biometric finger, Printing recognition, and authentication solution.
  • Centralized Surveillance Solution Operations and maintenance for surveillance and biometric equipment.