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Challenges with Network Service Delivery Today

With the increase in usage, Internet-connected devices and expected quality from customers, the demands on service providers have never been greater. Customers want new services that fit their lifestyle and usage habits and they want them now. In addition to that, many customers have Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with their service providers that require compensation should the customer experience recurring outages. Consequently, customers today want exceptional, assured quality of service, and they want remuneration if their expectations are not met.


Source: https://www.netrounds.com/

Netrounds Solutions

Activation Testing, Quality Monitoring and Remote Troubleshooting for the Full Service Lifecycle

What does the solution look like?

Cisco Orchestrated Assurance powered by Netrounds includes two main Netrounds components:

Netrounds Control Center with relevant feature packs

Netrounds Test Agents with active traffic-generation capabilities

  To automate and orchestrate testing and monitoring through Netrounds Control Center using NSO, a prebuilt network element driver (NED) for NSO is used. In addition, Netrounds Test Agents can be dynamically deployed on virtualized compute hosts on demand.


Wide feature set for all
network and service layers

Orchestrated assurance of the full
service lifecycle

Virtualized and cloud ready for flexible
and scalable deployment

Programmable and easily integrated
into OSS automation workflow