Telecommunication Solution Provider - Swift Biz Solutions

Transformation As-Service Economy

Telecom operations services are evolving to the As-a-Service economy, where businesses are focusing on delivering solutions via dedicated techonoloy stack. Social, mobility, cloud automation and analytics are now a differentiating factor. With our partners and experienced team, we will enable your As-a-Service transformation.     

Cloud Automation

Digital transformation is happening in the cloud. Not only does it reduce capex for businesses, it makes them agile and adaptable.

We recently launched our Cloud-Native Surveillance solution for a leading operator in Pakistan whereby entire video storage, processing and monitoring is done in the cloud. We also offer professional services in architecture of commerce, marketing and sales solutions on cloud infrastructure. 

IoT Disruption

IoT revolution has started. It has penetrated all areas of life - industrial, home, personal care. Your customers need E2E solutions for all things IoT. What technology stack suits best? What analytics and KPIs could provide meaningful insight?  We provide products, solutions and professional services to meet the challenge.

International Presence

Swift BIz Solutions continues to expand its international presence. Our company develops and provides products, solutions and professional services primarily for telecommunications operators, education sector and large enterprises. Our sales and services teams in these region offers core business offerings include Broadband Systems, Telco Hardware & Software, ICT Services & Solutions

What sets us apart? Established in 2003, we distinguish ourselves as being all round provider of products and services in multiple industry and sectors. With cross-industry best practices and business process know-how, we are best fit to provide solutions for you and your customers.